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January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020


A new variety of beef tomato for single-fruit harvesting, especially suitable for greenhouse growing on the mainland in springtime and in Sicily in autumn-winter. The open-habit, indeterminate-growth plants of medium-high vigour have short internodes with dark green leaves. The medium-large sized fruits are round and slightly flattened in shape and very shiny dark green in colour with pronounced, dark green shoulders. The flavour is superb and the quality excellent, as is the long shelf life. The fruits are uniform, full and substantial.

HR: ToMV/ Va:0/ Vd:0/ Fol:0-1
IR: Mi /Ma /Mj /TYLCV

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Zogu: dark green, round, excellent, uniform, long shelf life

Large size tomatoes – leaflet

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