It all starts with a seed. We believe that our seeds are the start of a process that brings taste and healthiness to your table. This is why our R&D department works on creating new varieties that contribute to a better world and to a healthier way of life.

Consumers are searching for different ways to cope with their busier lifestyles. Here at Top Seeds International, we consider these challenges and trends as opportunities, which is why we constantly monitor trends and consumer to provide our customers with the best solutions.

Our Sales and Marketing departments work with all players in the value chain, from the grower to the consumer, to identify those trends and challenges at an early stage and to start developing new features that the market requires. At this point, we already offer different solutions, like specialty products with more intense taste, or snacking vegetables to be eaten on the go or at work.

A highly professional team of geneticists, agronomists, and technicians intensively and extensively oversee the development of new varieties in Sharona and globally in all countries where we are commercializing our varieties.
Through continuous fields research, they select the best varieties by evaluating many criteria to do with agronomical traits, post-harvest performance and consumer preference. Our seeds are then sold through local subsidiaries and via distributors all over the world, by teams of sales and marketing people that understand the many geographical, social and cultural requirements for different products in each market.