Galiano, the Top Seeds International pepper beats the spanish cold

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April 7, 2021
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June 4, 2021

Thanks to the plant’s specific low-temperature resistance, the bright red variety delivers top yields and quality even this year

Galiano, Top Seeds International’s pepper variety recommended for medium-late transplanting, has successfully resisted the record-breaking cold that hit Spain in early January. The low temperatures caused considerable headaches for growers, whose crops were under severe risk.

A problem that did not affect growers of Galiano, pepper with medium-sized blocky-shaped fruit and a bright red colour. This variety’s ability to overcome the cold conditions derives from several different characteristics: first and foremost, its strong root system, its medium internode and the plant’s vigour allows to extend its production cycle. What’s more, the easy-setting flowers also showed excellent resistance to even the challenging temperatures. Last but not least, the good cracking resistance ensures crack-free fruit of impeccable quality.

Due to the freezing temperatures,” Ángel Pelegrina, Top Seeds Ibérica Country Manager, explained, “many growers found their production cycles ended earlier than expected. However, Galiano kept cropping without a break in spite of the severe weather conditions, without decrease in fruit quality, proving its worth as one of the varieties with fewest complaints in the destination markets and countries.” In fact, Galiano is particularly ideal for export thanks to its excellent shelf life.

What’s more, the various cooperatives’ quality control rankings show very high success rates,” Mr. Pelegrina concluded, “making this variety a benchmark for medium-cycle pepper growers in the province of Almería”.

In addition, this variety, for mid-July to early August transplanting, has impressive cropping flexibility, allowing the number of pickings to be optimised to save labour.

Peppers, the complete Top Seeds International range

Galiano is just one representative of the Top Seeds International pepper portfolio, which comprises more Blocky pepper varieties such as Top Arrod, which is the same colour, features slightly flattened globe-shaped fruit, high yields and good flesh thickness. and Top Arnon, for medium-early transplanting. Top Rommem, on the other hand, is an attractive yellow colour: ideal for late transplanting, this variety has L-XL sized fruit with 4 clearly defined lobes. Ruiseñor, another yellow variety, offers high yields and is suitable for late growing.