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March 22, 2020
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March 23, 2020


Zeta: medium high vigor, large fruits, intense green

Zeta is a CDB tomato open plant variety with good continuity, indeterminate-growth plants with medium-strong vigor. The fruits are characterized by an intensely beautiful orange-green color and short internodes. Zeta enjoys excellent setting even during advanced stager. The firm cluster yields an adeguate number of homogeneous, large fruits with flesh tomato pulp.

The tomato variety is best suited for medium-early and late planting cycle.

Color: Intense orange/green

Average weight (grams):200 – 250

Vigor: medium – strong

HR: ToMV /Va:0 /Vd:0 /TSWV

IR: Mi /Ma /Mj /TYLCV

Resistance explanation


Zeta: medium high vigor, large fruits, intense green

ZETA – leaflet

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