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March 22, 2020
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March 23, 2020


Zeta: medium high vigor, large fruits, intense green

Oxheart tomato consisting of indeterminate-growth plants, open habit with medium-high vigor characterized by short internodes. Excellent flowering with a constant fruit setting even on high stages. Cluster with an adequate number of fruits of large size but very homogeneous, with a very flesh pulp and without boxing. Fruits with a high specific weight, characterized by an attractive intense green color, High fruits hardness.

Growing recommended cycle- Medium-early and late-cycle.

Fruit size with an average weight of 200-250 grams

HR: ToMV /Va:0 /Vd:0 /TSWV

IR: Mi /Ma /Mj /TYLCV

Resistance explanation


Zeta: medium high vigor, large fruits, intense green

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