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March 22, 2020
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March 22, 2020

Top Amit

Top Amit

Indeterminate, balanced, medium vigor plant with medium to short internodes, Well ventilated foliage, High fruit set capacity throughout the cultivation period.

Very elegant and uniform bunches, robust spine. Fruits consistent and resistant to long transport, Oval shape, arranged in a herringbone pattern, Intense and bright red color, no green collar, excellent crack tolerance.

Medium-early cycle, Long-life fruits, Excellent flavor and Easy to grow.

Fruit size with an average weight of 3035 grams

HR: ToMV /Fol:0-1

IR: Mi/Ma/Mj

Resistance explanation

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Top Amit: Midi-plum tomato, indeterminate, balanced plant with short internodes. 

Cherry Plum – leaflet

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